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Clay Landscapes

Here, I am fundamentally fractionalizing an image into individual elements (1-30 tiles) and suspending them in a wall hung series. They float on the wall frameless with a half inch space separating each tiles. The result is ones eye taking in all the texture and dimension as it meanders from tile to tile and ultimately the whole landscape.

Artist Statement

Ten years ago I was primarily making vessels and began to yearn for a more illustrative avenue for my material: clay.  Study of bas relief throughout history and my intense love of nature led to this series of bas-relief tiles depicting the natural landscape. I sculpt in two construction techniques; one in which clay slabs are sculpted upon and fired, the other in which paper clay and plaster are sculpted over metal armature.  

Walking in the woods, climbing a mountain, watching the ocean surf or a still lake are all transcendent experiences for me. From a young age it was my time hiking in the forest or mountain climbing that brought the most peace. It is my dream to take that inspiration and capture the energy in my art.

To that end, my sculptured landscapes are all about the viewer’s engagement in nature and creating a bond between viewer and my art. These dimensional landscapes suspend on the wall and immediately advance toward you. Tree branches approach the viewer while others recede. Forest paths entice you to enter. Shadows form and shift across the landscape as the daylight changes. Thus an ever changing relationship is created between viewer and clay object.

AWalk in the Woods   60w25h4d.jpg

Bas Relief Landscapes

In this collection, I am sculpting material that does not need to be fired. That fact coupled with metal armature and a wood substrate means that I can work larger scale, lighter weight and deliver a larger uninterrupted “canvas” for my 3D landscapes.